Success In Motion 4 U, LLC is a wellness planning and implementation organization exclusively serving school teachers and staff. We design and deploy perhaps the only employer sponsored onsite well-being program in the country.

Our program is ground-breaking, unparalleled and is the model for effectively igniting school teachers across the nation. We are deeply committed to improving the well-being of the teachers and staff we serve. Well-being addresses physical, mental, emotional and financial health which when improved leads to happy, healthy and successful teachers. We design programs to address the whole person; from fitness and nutrition to mental health and preventative care.

Our Mission

To inspire and rejuvenate those who work tirelessly to ignite the next generation; empowering them with the tools to establish life-long healthy habits for a happy and fulfilling life.

Our Approach

The heartbeat of the Success In Motion model, is our three-pronged approach to getting and keeping staff engaged in their health. We inspire them to Get Fit, Achieve Balance, and Have Fun!

Our Process

Using an outside of the box creative approach, we tailor our well-being programs to the culture and needs of each organization we serve.

Our Partners

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