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If your school doesn’t have a fitness program for its teachers, create one today! Regular
exercise is the most powerful tool we can use to maintain both physical and mental health. The
CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends that every adult should get at least 150 minutes
of moderate intensity exercise each week, plus 2 days of muscle strengthening activities.
Medical evidence has proven that adults who are physically active are healthier and feel better.
Additionally, regular exercise reduces feelings of anxiety and depression, and improves quality
of life. School teachers who are happy and healthy will nurture happy, healthy students.
For the last 5 years, Success In Motion has been providing on-site fitness classes to school
teachers across New York City. At the end of a long day, our teachers simply walk down the hall

to their fitness class. Some schools have fitness classes three to four times per week, and
others one or two times per week. The classes range from kickboxing and strength training to
yoga and cardio dance. While each school has a different schedule and different class types,
the results are the same; happy, healthy, productive teachers. But don’t take our word for it,
hear what our teachers have to say about how a regular fitness program is impacting their
physical and mental health.

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety

    “Class allows our staff to reset their stress level. If they had a stressful day, they come to
    class and release the stress and walk away from the building with positive thoughts.
    They leave work on a happy note.”

    “I love the convenience of the gym coming to us. Kickboxing rocks! After a stressful day
    it’s a relief to hit the pads.”

    “It’s such a good stress relief. I always feel good after class.”

    “I have become more aware of what my body needs in order to be healthy and happy. If
    I have had a stressful day and there is a class at the end – I feel so much better and I am
    able to go home and relax and not work myself up.”

    “Doing yoga twice a week has especially helped with stress, and taking time after school to attend yoga even when I feel like I still have a lot I need to do really helps me to not feel anxious about what I need to do. I’m better able to prioritize and get things done without being overwhelmed by a long list of tasks.”

    “As a plus from my workouts my stress levels have decreased.”

    “I love having something relaxing to look forward to at the end of the day. My stress has
    been so much lower.”
    “I am more relaxed and less hostile.”

    “Class helped me become more aware of where I carry stress in my body.”
    “When I am able to work out during the week, I notice that I get stressed out less than
    usual and can relax easier.”

    “I am able to take a lot of the things we work on in yoga that are more about mindset and stress management etc. into the work day and other parts of my life.”

    “I was struggling with anxiety my first year and I feel that this program has been a huge part of balancing this.”

  2. Promotes work-life balance

    “I’m home earlier by doing the classes here after school.”

    “I feel as though getting my workout in before heading home has been very beneficial! In particular, I think it’s been a great stress reliever at the end of the workday as exercising has always been something that has helped me feel better. It also takes away the stress of paying/ planning/ getting myself to a workout class or gym.”

    “This program has jumped started my passion about exercise and how it helps me to balance work/life/ stress.”

    “Taking time after school to attend Yoga even when I feel like I still have a lot I need to do really helps me then not feel anxious about what I need to do. I’m better able to prioritize and get things done without being overwhelmed by a long list of tasks.”

    “It can be difficult to find time for a workout outside of school but there is no reason when it is provided right here!”

    “I like having the option to workout here and to be able to come back upstairs to do more work if needed.”

    “[Having classes onsite] leaves me with no excuses to get my workout in since it’s right at school! Previously there had been nights where I would stay at work late, however now even if I have more work to do at school, I can get my workout in and then go back to working right afterwards before heading home.”
  3. Boosts morale

    “The Yoga class is a huge part of my happiness at work. Really helps me to be the best teacher I can be.”

    “I am so thankful for any health classes offered. I feel a ton healthier – there is a sense of accomplishment that builds confidence and endurance – life skills.”

    “The program has really helped improved the relationship that I have with my coworkers. We have been able to get to know each other as people and it has improved my morale during the workday because of the improved relationships. I’m gaining muscle and confidence through the kick-boxing classes. I absolutely love.”

    “These classes have not only contributed to my physical wellbeing but my mental health and relationships with my coworkers & fitness teachers as well. I feel fortunate to have access to these resources right at school.”

    “We are very lucky to have a school that provides us with workout classes. Not only does this help the body but it helps the mind. After a long day of teaching, it takes a lot of motivation to go elsewhere after work for a workout.
    That’s time away from our families and our work.”

  4. Encourages healthy habits

    “I eat healthier and want to work out more.”

    “I stamrted eating healthier and I noticed more energy on a daily basis”

    “Practicing yoga in my spare time, and using it as a relaxation technique. Learning to not dwell on the difficult or negative things in my life but handle them in the best way possible, learn from them and move forward. I am stronger and healthier since doing the classes.”

    “I now incorporate exercise into my schedule more often.”

    “Eating habits have gotten much better.”

    “I have become more interested in my overall health. I take time to disconnect, [take a] bath and meditate.”

    “I am more focused during the workday and I have become more interested in my overall health.”

  5. Builds community

    “One unexpected benefit of this program is that I was able to form different bonds with my staff. They were able to see me as a regular person.” (Principal)

    “I have built strong relationships with peers outside of my team because of this program.”

    “I interact more often with colleagues and coworkers I wouldn’t normally run into during the day. The classes allow more of an intimate and active environment to learn your co-workers likes, dislikes etc.”

    “I enjoyed working out w/ colleagues across grades. It helped me to build relationships w/ people across the school!”

    “Working out with coworkers has unlocked a whole new side of community building and
    supporting one another.”

    “Our sessions within [our school] brings a level of comfort, understanding, and family that is quite rare.”

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